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About Literature & eBooks

Literature & eBooks is a new blog as of November 2010. It will focus on news about books/literature, especially books that are available as ebooks and can be found at independent stores, and news about ebooks and e-reading devices.

Books on any topic are fair game for discussion on this blog, but the author’s personal favorite subjects are SciFi, Fantasy, How-Tos, Self Help, Science, Technology, and Society & Cultures.

This blog has original articles by Michael Riley, articles about ebooks and literature by other authors, as well as news items about ebooks and/or literature with opinion tacked on.

About the Author

Michael Riley is an IT professional specializing in the field of ebooks, ereaders, SEO, web design, and related technology. He has been working in the field for over 10 years and is fascinated by the intersection of the written word with gadgets and online media. He lives in the Pacific Northwest with his dog and a growing suspicion that technology and science is soon going to change the way we understand our world (again). Besides all that, he is an avid reader and loves books and learning about any subject.

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