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EPub Validation

June 13, 2011

Author: compliance

EPUB validation tool is an essential tool that enlists the errors in the EPUB file, an electronic book format that has become the industry standard, allowing eBooks that use this format to be read on a wide range of eReaders available now a days. EPub was developed by the International Digital Publishing Forum, a trade organization of e-book manufacturers, retailers, software developers and publishers that from has been working to create an open, one-size-fits-all format.

Epub mainly consists of three specifications, the Open Publication Structure (OPS), Open Packaging Format (OPF) and Open Container Format (OCF), produced by the IDPF. “EPUB” allows publishers to produce and send a single digital publication file through distribution and offers consumers interoperability between software/hardware for unencrypted reflowable digital books and other publications.

Any text containing document can be converted to EPUB format using various converters or conversion services as EPUB is the preferred format for reading on many ebook readers, including the Barnes & Noble Nook, Android, and the Apple iOS iBooks platform that runs on iPhone and iPad

During epub conversion most of the times, the standards that are to be maintained for epub reflowable digital books are not maintained and it causes various types of error. To identify such kind of errors, epub validation tool was discovered. The epub validation tool identifies the errors and then the epub book developer can eliminate those errors and can create the epub format book that meets all the ePub 1.0.5 standards. The epub validation tool checks OCF container structure, OPF and OPS mark-up. Even if an eBook displays correctly in all major eBook readers, some publishers do not accept it if it does not pass the validation check. So EPUB Validation more or less becomes indispensable.

The best way to make sure that your eBook is a 100% valid EPUB file is to upload your DRM-free ePub document from your disk at EPub Validation . This validation tool will help you to enlist the errors in the EPUB file that are to be corrected.

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