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eReader News

May 30, 2011

eReader News.

My colleague at eBook Reader Software has put up a cool round-up of some new eReader releases and current sales/price drops.

Included are the new Kindle with Special offers, Nook Touch, Kobo Touch, and sales on BeBook Models:

“BeBook Sales

Both the BeBook Neo and BeBook Club eReaders have gone on sale at The Neo has dropped down to $199 and the Club to $169. Plus the Club now comes with a free case, which they say is a $30 value.

I have a BeBook Neo and I like it quite a lot, especially with ePub ebooks. The Neo does have a touch screen, but it’s not the finger-swiping kind. It comes with a stylus that you use to tap on the screen. It was released before these touch screens became as popular as they are now. The stylus method that it has works well enough because it at least means that you don’t have to navigate through the screens with the buttons.”

Read more at eReader News.

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