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Make Phone Calls on a Nook Color?

March 13, 2011

Ever since the Nook Color came out, I’ve been seeing articles about how people are managing to hack it up and use it as more of an Android tablet than an e-reader. This is (in a nutshell) possible because the Nook Color sort of is a tablet, rather than an e-reader. My colleague over at eBook Reader Software put up a post about that a while back with a bit more information.

I just read this article that reports that someone has figured out a hack for the Nook Color that lets them make phone calls over Bluetooth and Android Skype (or something).


The latest hack comes from CM7 Developer “Kmoobs” who managed to bring bluetooth capability to it through CM7 Nightly for Encore which takes advantage of the hidden bluetooth capability of the NookColor’s WiFi chip. The capability is turned off in the software and CM7 Nightly for Encore re-enables it.

This makes me wonder why there even is a “hidden bluetooth capability”. Is that something that’s always available in WiFi chips, or is it specially hidden in the Nook Color for some reason?


An in addition to having Bluetooth capability, Kmoobs says that he can make phone calls, presumably through something like the Android Skype App and a bluetooth headset.

My reaction to this is basically: silly hackers. Why would you want to make phone calls on a Nook Color? They just do these things to see if they can.

And then:

A very cool feature which opens tremendous possibilities for those on a budget who want an Android Tablet that they can play around with. This comes on top of users overclocking their NOOKcolor and getting up to nearly 1Ghz in processing speed and allowing it to become a fully functional Android Tablet.

This kind of thing isn’t much of a reality for most users. Obviously I don’t have any percentages, but I am very sure that the people who know how to mess with a Nook Color enough to get it to make phone calls are in the minority. For those people this is a fun project, but for the average user, it will make much more sense to actually buy an Android tablet. Still, it’s fun to hear about the inventive stuff that people have figured out how to do with tablets and other electronics.

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