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New York Times eBook Bestsellers List

February 8, 2011

I just read that the New York Times is going to start publishing a bestseller list for ebooks. The original announcement, was from November, and I read on another article that it will begin this Sunday, 2/13.

“In an acknowledgment of the growing sales and influence of digital publishing, The New York Times said on Wednesday that it would publish e-book best-seller lists in fiction and nonfiction beginning early next year. The lists will be compiled from weekly data from publishers, chain bookstores, independent booksellers and online retailers, among other sources.”

This makes me really feel like ebooks have arrived. They’ve been around for 10-15 years, in one form or another, but only over the past couple years have they really gained momentum.

“Several major publishers said that e-books had climbed to about 10 percent of their total trade sales. Some publishing experts have predicted that they will rise to 25 percent in the next two to three years.”

25% of all sales is pretty huge for digital copies of books. It shows how digital everything has become. I think that the popularity of ebooks will only grow and grow, especially as the technology of e-readers and tablets gets better and better. Personally, I’ve gotten to a point where I hate having paper copies of anything. They clutter up my desk and file boxes, and it just makes so much more sense to have it all stored digitally. Books are no different. You could even say they are worse since they’re so heavy and take up literally bookshelves full of space.

“To give the fullest and most accurate possible snapshot of what books are being read at a given moment you have to include as many different formats as possible, and e-books have really grown, there’s no question about it,” said Sam Tanenhaus, editor of the Book Review. The new listings, he added, give readers “the fullest picture we can give them about how a book is doing week to week.”

Makes sense to me. You can’t leave out the digital versions if you want an accurate picture of how many books have sold, especially when they will account for up to 25% of all sales. It’s a good idea for them to start keeping accurate records now, before it gets to that point.

This is good news all around!


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