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Your Immortal Body of Light

November 24, 2010

Your Immortal Body of LightI recently stumbled onto a very interesting book: Your Immortal Body of Light by Mitchell E. Gibson. It’s not available for the Kindle right now, but that link will take you to the Adobe version that you can get for just about any ereader. You can also “look inside” the book at Amazon, and I really recommend that you do so.

Here is part of the official description of the book:

… a fascinating and true story that takes Mitchell E. Gibson, M.D. out of his ordinary consciousness and into the inner realms of his being. Dr. Gibson was Chief Resident in Psychiatry at a large inner city medical center when he began his journey, expanding his consciousness using meditation. On his quest, he actually encounters an ancient ‘god of healing’ known as Djehuti (pronounced Dee-jan-tee), or Thoth. Being a psychiatrist, Gibson more than wavered before accepting that he was indeed speaking with an actual entity but the experience persisted and eventually Djehuti revealed profound information to Gibson, about the formation of the soul and the causes of mental illness. Your Immortal Body of Light is a credible and highly readable adventure into the land of magic and miracles invoked by meditation.

This book is written by a psychiatrist who has had a regular meditation practice for many years. In this book, he claims that through his meditation he has had many significant spiritual experiences, including meeting a guide who appears as a body of light, and having his own out-of-body experiences.

I have been fascinated by astral travel and and anything metaphysical for the last ten years or so. If you are familiar with any spiritual books that have anything to do with channeled material, metaphysics, or even just visualization, the concepts in this book should be familiar to you. Part of the basic premise of the idea is that we all have souls, or inner spirits, that are directly connected to the larger divine makeup of the universe.  Other parts of this concept are connected to deep science in the field of quantum physics, and it explains much about how our world is created around us at every moment. These ideas are not connected to any one religion — they encompass all religions.

It is nothing short of radical for a psychiatrist to speak and write about these kinds of ideas. (Indeed it might even be fairly radical for me to start this blog writing about such a book.) As some of the reviewers on Amazon stated, this man is risking his entire career by even associating himself with ideas that many consider to be way, way “out there”.

If these ideas are interesting to you at all, I would recommend looking into the topic further. You don’t have to start with this book. Something more easy to digest might be a more mainstream book like The Secret for an introduction to these ideas.

Well perhaps that is enough of that for now … I promise that my next post will be something more down to earth 🙂

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